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Category Strategy and
Insight Specialists


What we do

Consumer and Shopper Behaviour 

We work with you to develop a deep understanding about how consumers behave in your product category, based on the latest category management techniques and shopper insights.

Collaborative Approach 

We work alongside your teams to develop and implement the new category plan, but we don’t stop there. We coach and train your teams, passing on our skills so that they have the ability to manage the new plan well into the future.


We help you create category solutions for your customers based on consumer and shopper needs.

Retail Results 

We understand the demands of retailers. We can help you devise category solutions for each of your key retail customers, identifying why they should be stocking your brand and how your business can be a key partner in driving new growth for their category.

Drive Profits and Growth 

Through understanding what is unique and special about your brand and how your brand should be positioned in the marketplace, we are able to maximise growth and profitability. We are highly experienced category and business people with the expertise you need to drive your business forward. 

Lasting Change 

You will find that our fresh, practical approach brings about lasting change for your business. 


How We Work

Our Four Key Steps For Creating Outstanding Category Solutions


Experts in Creating Category Visons

Everything starts with the consumer. We develop a deep understanding of the consumer needs and motivations that are driving the category, now and into the future. From this we create a clear and compelling vision for the category to guide your whole strategy. This has to be based on robust data and on accurate insights into consumer and shopper behaviour. Category-Insight are leading experts in identifying the specific information you need for this critical part of the process.


Your Relevant Difference

What can you become famous for in your category? How will you position your offer in order to generate the greatest added value? Our process identifies the unique selling points for your brand that will combine to give you the strongest competitive edge and the greatest chance of success. We will work with you to test these ideas with your target consumers, to refine and improve your offer.


Create Clear Strategies

Based on our insights into Vision and Fame, we will then help you to shape the long term strategy for the category, taking into account your specific business goals, capabilities and resources. This is a collaborative process, working alongside your team so that everyone has ownership and understanding of the new strategy. Our extensive business experience ensures that the strategy is focused and commercially viable.


Detailed Action Plans to Ensure Success

We develop detailed tactics and action plans to deliver the new strategy, all based on this deep understanding of the relationship that consumers have with your category. We understand the needs of retailers and are commercially savvy, so we can help you devise retailer proposals and presentations that have a great chance of succeeding. We develop your own team’s insights, skills and capabilities, so that they can take the new strategy forward with confidence.


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